1889 was mostly a carryover year. The Browns wore virtually the same uniforms, but with slight variances in the cap, and lettering on the alternate uniform.

We have noticed the horizontal stripes on the primary cap to be much thinner at the base, and with a brown brim instead of a white brim. Based on photographic records, we also believe that uniform pieces may have been mixed and matched at random.

1889 St. Louis Browns jersey lettering
1889 St. Louis Browns jersey lettering
1889 St. Louis Browns team photo
ST. LOUIS – 1889. The St. Louis Browns of the American Association pose for a portrait in their home town in 1889. Hall of Fame member Charlie Comiskey, manager and first baseman, stands in street clothes. (Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images)
1889 Icebox Chamberlain
1889 Shorty Fuller
1889 Charlie Duffe

Newspaper Accounts

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 29, 1889
The Browns’ new uniforms this season will be of better material than ever. They will not be worn for some time yet. President Von der Ahe will never depart from the proverbial brown in the uniforms.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: April 3, 1889
The Browns will wear their handsome new uniforms of white, with brown trimmings, brown belt and brown stockings, in to-day’s game at Sportsman’s Park. They were made by Rawlings Bros.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: April 25, 1889
The uniforms worn by the Browns yesterday were simply an offense to the eye. They are the worst ever seen here. — Louisville exchange.

Team Colors

Brown – PMS 732

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