Little is known about 1891, similar to the previous season. Newspaper accounts describe the home uniform as being white with brown trim. The home uniform was likely similar to previous seasons, but remains unknown.

A new rule set in place the previous season stated that all road teams are required to wear a darker or distinguishably different color than the home team in order to better identify the difference of the teams. The Browns seemingly chose dark blue for their traveling uniforms, however we have one article that claims another rule says traveling teams were to wear black on the road. This year would be the American Association’s last season in business.

Newspaper Accounts

The Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago): February 19, 1891
It was decided to have the players wear white uniforms while at home and black while abroad.

New York Clipper: February 28, 1891 research from Craig Brown
It was decided that during the playing [of the 1891 American Association] season the home teams shall wear white uniforms, and the visiting teams colored uniforms in all championship games.

St Louis Globe Democrat: March 6, 1891
While at home the St. Louis Browns will wear white uniforms, and while playing abroad their uniform will be of some dark colored material.

Baltimore Sun: May 11, 1891: St. Louis v. Baltimore at Baltimore, research from Craig Brown
The St. Louis men got a warm greeting when they appeared on the field, and some surprise was created by the color of their uniforms. The famous suits of white and brown, which have clothed them in four successful championship fights, have been discarded this year owning to the rules of the American Association, which forbid visiting clubs to wear white. The only remnants of the old St. Louis dress retained were the brown stockings, and the caps, shirts and knickerbockers were of dark blue. Maroon belts encircled the waists of the visiting players and maroon stripes were around their caps.

Team Colors

Brown – PMS 732

Brown’s Navy – PMS 288

Brown’s Maroon / Wine – PMS 7623

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