The 1893 season is still in the dark era. We have no photographic record for this season.

The newspaper explicitly says “St. Louis Browns,” leading us to believe the team wore two lines of text on the uniform. We have no certainty of this claim.

The uniforms shown on this page are purely estimations from multiple and different newspaper accounts. The accounts we have are interpretative in that we don’t know exactly what colors were worn, especially on the cap. Were the caps solid brown? Where they brown with blue stripes, or blue with brown stripes? Etc.

Newspaper Accounts

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 5, 1893
The St. Louis Browns will have the proverbial brown stockings again this year. Their uniforms will be among the handsomest in the country.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 12, 1893
The Browns’ new uniforms reached Sportsman’s Park yesterday. They were made by the E. C. Meacham Arms Co., and present a fine appearance. The pants and shirts are of blue, and the words, “St. Louis Browns” are across the shirts in white letters. The stockings, belts and caps are brown.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: June 9, 1893
The St. Louis Browns are a rakish looking set in their close fitting uniforms of navy blue, brown stockings, and striped caps.

The Philadelphia Times: June 11, 1893
Eight thousand and ninety-nine lovers of the national game passed the turnstiles at Philadelphia Park yesterday afternoon. Nine young men, wearing suits of varied colors, entered the grounds in an omnibus which was driven through the big gate on Broad street. The nine men left the part with smiling countenances, while the eight thousand odd were in a by no means happy frame of mind, for the home club had been defeated.

Whoever designed the suits for St. Louis should be given ninety days in the Workhouse, and Magistrate Durham, who sat in the grand stand, was heard to remark that three months in the Correction would be a short term for the individual. The suit is made of material of a dirty-colored black, the stockings are brown, and the cap is black and white. A more inharmonious effect it would be difficult to put together. 

Team Colors

Brown – PMS 732

Brown’s Navy – PMS 288

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