In 1896 the Browns continued wearing the same bold ST. LOUIS lettering arched across the chest in brown, with the familiar Exclamation (!) T. The team photo has only 2 of the 22 players wearing an all white pillbox style cap. We assume this might have been an alternate cap the team wore. The other 20 players have a poofy style cap on. The poofy caps must have been stylistic for players in these seasons, as we also see the newspaper drawings showing similar poof in the caps.

1896 St. Louis Browns jersey lettering

1896 St. Louis Browns team photo

Newspaper Accounts

The Evening Times: July 21, 1896
How The Browns Were Changed into a Burlesque Company.
“I’m glad to be chasing around In a Quaker uniform, even if the team is losing games,” said Dick Cooley, last of the St. Louis Browns. “There’s more comfort and satisfaction in this suit than there was in Von der Ahe’s clothes. And, speaking of Von der Abe’s clothes, let me tell you how Chris once tried to economize on the uniform question. Chris declared one day, two years ago, when the team was about due for new uniforms, that he was tired of paying big prices to the firm which turns out most of the League clubs’ apparel. 
“For vy,” said he, should I pay so many dollars to dis firm? Nit! I haf a friend in de clodings pissness, und he vil subbly unicorns for $1.28 per unicorn, lngluding de stockings. Isn’t dot a good ting? Vell, I dakes id.” 
We received our new suits according to contract, and they were very pretty. Out we trotted to play ball, with Chris in the stand raving with delight over our appearance. 
“Dead svell poys, Isn’t id?” said he. “I dells you dot ven dey fink dey can ged avay mit Chris on egonomy dey haf to ged ub early.” 
In the third Inning a storm came up and before we could leave the game and get to the clubhouse we were soaked. As I passed second base I felt something choking me. My shirt had suddenly shrunk so tight around my neck that I was in danger of strangling. I called for help and they cut me out of the shirt. Then I felt a gust of cold air around my knees, and, looking down, discovered that I really ought to have been leading a highland fling. By the time we reached the clubhouse we looked like some new creation of a burlesque manager. We were wearing trunks Instead of knickerbockers and those little Spanish Jackets that Just come six inches below the arms weren’t in it with our shirts. Chris came down to the clubhouse and looked at the remains of the uniforms very soberly. Then his face brightened up.
“Py chiminy said he. I haf got a bum ball club, but I gan make a hit in de teatrigal pusiness, anyvay. I haf got an extrafaganza gompany ready gostumed!” 
And we had suits made by the old firm as soon as they could be procured.

Team Colors

Brown – PMS 732

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