The photographic evidence from 1914-1916 appears to show a slight alteration to the jersey’s sleeves. The sleeves are almost half as long as previous seasons, and feature thin red piping at the very edge of the sleeve. No other details of the jersey were changed in these seasons.

Following the 1916 season, Mrs Britton sold her stake in the team to an investor group, including the new primary owner Sam Breadon. The new ownership group wanted a baseball man to run the team, and hired Branch Rickey from the American League St. Louis Browns to be the new team president.

1909-1916 STL sleeve patch jersey emblem

1911 STL jacket emblem
1914 Miller Huggins
Getty has this image displayed incorrectly, they have flipped horizontally for some reason. We show it correct.
1914 Lee Dressen
1914 Joe Riggert
1914 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1915 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1916 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1914 Ed Konetchy, what seems to be a Pittsburgh uniform with a Cardinals jacket.

Team Colors

Cardinals red – PMS 200

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