The 1919 uniforms were almost identical to 1918. The 1918 WW1 flag patch was removed, and a pillbox cap with pinstripes was worn. The Cardinals had not worn a pillbox hat since 1898. We believe the team still wore the solid blue caps with the SL emblem, as well as the alternate blue cap with red seams. We do not know in what capacity these hats were worn. Home/road? Saturday? Practice?

A uniform quirk following up from the previous season… in 1919, the “d” in Cardinals is set right in the middle of the placket, instead of the “i”. In the season before, the “i” would be placed right in the middle of the placket. We have used this difference to help identify photographs from these two seasons.

1918-1919 St. Louis Cardinals jersey lettering
1918-1919 SL cap emblem
1919 Joe Schultz
1919 Rogers Hornsby
1919 Bill Doak
1919 Bill Hoefer
1919 Irvin Trout
1919 Jack Dots Miller
1919 Rogers Hornsby

Team Colors

Cardinals red – PMS 200

Cardinals navy – PMS 289

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