In 1925 the sleeve numbers were removed from the uniforms. In their place was a patch celebrating 50 years of the National League. A newspaper account describes this patch as having purple letters. Research seems to point to the letters being a navy blue color.

The same newspaper account, if we can trust it, makes a radical claim about the Cardinals sock color. Saying there is a red stripe along with 2 green stripes. We originally thought the socks were only red stripes, or red and blue stripes, similar to the modern sock pattern. We also originally thought the Golden Jubilee patch was gold and blue. What are the chances that one writer mistook blue for purple and also blue for green? We have no further evidence corroborating the newspaper account. Green stripes are shown on both the home and road uniform.

1924-25 Birds on the Bat
1925 National League Golden Jubilee sleeve patch
1924-26 STL sweater emblem
1925 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
While the photo above is penned as the 1926 Cardinals, it is clear that they are wearing the 1925 Golden Jubilee patch. Also note the sock pattern.

1925 Rogers Hornsby
A 1926 maroon Warm-up sweater worn by Jesse Haines. The sweater has cream trim at the cuffs and at the shoulders of the shawl collar. A cream wool felt “STL” adorns the left chest.
1925 Allan Sothoron
1925 Eddie Dyer
1925 John Duster Mails
1925 Rogers Hornsby
1925 Les Bell
1925 Ray Blades
1925 Ray Blades
1925 Ray Blades
1925 Walter Schmidt

Newspaper Accounts

St. Louis Post Dispatch: April 6, 1925
Uniforms which will be worn this season by members of the St. Louis Cardinals are on display at a downtown sporting goods house. As for the pat few seasons, the Cardinal uniforms are artistically decorated. The “at home” uniform is much the same as that last year, white with red trimming. The two Cardinals of the feathered variety are perched on a black baseball bat running diagonally across the chest of the shirt. The traveling uniform is of a gray striped material with the same decoration across the front of the shirt as the white uniforms. On the left sleeve is displayed a gold circle enclosing a baseball on which inscribed in purple letters “National League Golden Jubilee, 1876-1925.” Stockings worn with the traveling uniforms are gray with a broad red stripe around the calf and two narrow dark green stripes running parallel to it.

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Vintage Yellow – PMS 1225

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