In 1966 the Cardinals changed the Birds on the Bat design. The Cardinals script did not change, but the birds were a completely new design. This Birds on the Bat design would last for 30 years and endure through multiple uniform designs.

A smaller detail noticed in 1966, the STL cap emblem flattened out the top of the T. In previous seasons we observed a trapezoid shape at the top of the T, and starting in 1966 it would become a rectangle shape. See comparison below.

These five seasons have been combined because the only change made was in 1969, in which the Cardinals wore an MLB 100th Anniversary patch, but otherwise would be the same uniform from 1966-1970.

The Cardinals in 1966 started to use official print graphics and official team logos. These logos were different from the uniform graphics.

In 1966 the Cardinals began playing at Busch Memorial Stadium, “Busch 2.”

In 1970 we observed another STL cap emblem. However, this emblem is inconsistent and we do not know its use.

1965 Trapezoid T
1970 alternate STL cap emblem
1966 Flat T
1969 MLB 100th Anniversary patch
1968 Bob Gibson jersey
1967 Curt Flood jersey
1966 jersey closeup
1966 St. Louis All-Star Press Pin
1966 All Star Game program
1966 All Star Game ticket
1966 All Star Game ticket
1966 All Star Game ticket
1966 Bob Gibson
1966 Cardinals print logo decal
1966 Cardinals yearbook
Busch Memorial Stadium
1966 Lou Brock

1967 World Series Press Pin
1968 Tim McCarver, Bob Gibson, Mike Shannon, Lou Brock, Orlanda Cepeda, Curt Floor, Julian Javier, and Red Schoendienst
1968 Lou Brock on the cover of Dell Sports
1968 Ted Simmons
1968 World Series Press Pin
1969 Steve Huntz, home jersey, with MLB 100th patch
1969 Joe Torre
1969 Bob Gibson
1969 Cardinals team photo
1970 Lou Brock, Curt Flood, Vada Pinson
1970 Lou Brock
1970 Joe Torre jersey
1970 Carl Taylor wearing full name on back! with Phil Gagliano
1966 Pennant

Team Colors

Cardinals Bright Red – PMS 186

Yellow uniform use – PMS 1235

Yellow print use – PMS 108

Navy Blue – PMS 288 / 289

2 thoughts on “1966-1970 Cardinals

  1. In looking at your site, I noticed that the Cardinals number font underwent a slight change between 1965 and 1966, on both the front and back numbers.


    1. Yes that is what we have observed. We have all the numbers and letters and drawn, just not displayed on the site. 1965 had more chunky fatter letters with blocky serif ends. In 1966 they went through a rebrand and everything got skinny. Skinny numbers, skinny letters, skinny birds.


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