In 1979 the Cardinals moved the numbers from the front of their jersey to sleeves. Sleeve numbers would maintain through 1980.

George Hendrick was traded to the Cardinals in 1979, and is known as the first player to wear his pants all the way to the ankles. While this wasn’t uniform for the team, it started a trend throughout baseball that endures into the 21st century.

1979-1980 birds on the bat
1979-80 STL cap emblem
1979 Lou Brock jersey
1979 Tom Herr jersey
1980 Ken Oberkfell jersey
1979 Lou Brock
1979 Lou Brock
1979 Lou Brock at the All Star Game
1979 Tony Scott and Gary Templeton
Templeton is curiously wearing a jersey with no numbers on the front or the sleeves.
1979 All Star Game in full technicolor
1979 George Hendrick wearing full pants
Butch Yatkeman, wearing a peculiar combination of uniform items. Pullover shirt, but with Sluggerbird. Blue road style jersey and pants, but with belt loops and no elastic waistband. Red-white-blue belt of some sort.

Team Colors

Cardinals Bright Red – PMS 186

Yellow uniform use – PMS 1235

Yellow print use – PMS 108

Navy Blue – PMS 289

Victory Blue – PMS 284

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