Following an analysis of the way the Birds on the Bat were stitched compared to the intended design, it was determined an update was needed. Thanks to newer stitching techniques, Majestic was now able to produce the stitching on the uniform much closer to the intended graphic. Team President Bill DeWitt III unveiled the newly stitched uniforms on November 16, 2012. Along with the new stitching, the Cardinals introduced a new pseudo-throwback uniform with a St. Louis version of the Birds on the Bat to be worn on Saturday home games. The Cardinals also elicited fan response on what to wear for their road caps. It was decided to wear the blue caps on the road only against red capped teams, and wear red caps on the road otherwise.

The Cardinals wore Stan Musial memorial sleeve patches with a 6 and Stan Musial’s signature. The patches were white, cream, or gray to match the uniform they adorned.

When the Cardinals reached the playoffs, they wore slightly dissimilar Postseason cap and sleeve patches.
When the Cardinals reached the World Series, they wore dissimilar World Series sleeve and cap patches.
On May 5th the Cardinals wore 1913 Throwback uniforms.
On May 27th the Cardinals wore Memorial Day themed jerseys and caps.
On July 4th the Cardinals wore Independence Day themed caps.

2013 Birds on the Bat Cardinals
2012 vs 2013 stitching pattern difference
2013 Birds on the Bat St. Louis
Home and Road
Road vs Red teams
Home Sunday
Musial patch in white
Musial patch in cream
Musial patch in gray
2013 Postseason cap patch
2013 Postseason sleeve patch
2013 World Series cap patch
2013 World Series sleeve patch
2013 NL Central Division Champions logo
2013 NLDS Champions logo
2013 National League Champions logo
2012 vs 2013 stitching pattern difference
2013 World Series sleeve patch
2013 World Series press pin
2013 World Series cap patch
2013 World Series Cap Patch
2013 World Series cap patch detail
2013 Allen Craig
2013 Matt Carpenter World Series
2013 Yadier Molina World Series jersey
2013 Joe Kelly World Series
2013 Lance Lynnsanity World Series
2013 World Series Yadier Molina, Derek Lilliquist, Lance Lynn
2013 Lance Lynn World Series
2013 Kolten Wong
2013 Mike Matheny WOrld Series
2013 Mike Matheny and 1/2 Ozzie Smith World Series
2013 Yadier Molina World Series

Newspaper Account

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 28, 2013
There is no black in any of the three patches. “Not that it wouldn’t have been appropriate,” Cardinals president Bill DeWitt III said this week at the team’s spring training complex, “but we felt it should be colors that were more a celebration of a life.” Musial, the Hall of Fame ballplayer whose statue stands outside Busch Stadium as a beacon to Cardinal Nation, died in January, and the ballclub aims to turn this season into one extended tribute to the greatest Cardinal of them all. The Musial patch will make its first appearance on the road jerseys the Cardinals will wear Monday in Arizona, where they open the 2013 season against the Diamondbacks. The patch is a circle defined by a red thread border and it features Musial’s number, 6, in red, with his signature looping through the number. The field or negative space within the patch is the color of the jersey: gray for the road, white for home, and a cream color for the Cardinals’ alternate jersey, which debuts this year at home. The patch will be worn on the left sleeve this season, a location suggested within the Cardinals executive office because it is “closest to the heart.” The emblem will carry throughout the ballpark. It appears on the scorecard cover sold at games. The logo from the Musial patch will appear on the outfield wall for the season. Pins in the same style as the patch are being made for executives, stadium personnel, and other club employees to wear throughout the year. Musial’s signature in the patch comes from the same model used for Musial Plaza, the large etching in granite that appears on the third-base side of the ballpark near Musial’s statue. The model for that autograph was one Musial did with a Sharpie. De-Witt said they borrowed small elements from other Musial signatures through the years there were no shortage of examples to “get to the essence of the signature.”

The New York Times: October 25, 2013
The apostrophe in the Baltimore Orioles’ alternate logo faces the wrong way. The Mets have no pattern for their choice of jerseys on any given day. The Philadelphia Phillies forgot to make a press pin for their last World Series appearance.
Such oversights might not bother most baseball executives. But most executives are not named DeWitt. In this family, whose roots reach back nearly a century in the game, details matter.
When the St. Louis Cardinals take the field for Game 3 of the World Series against the Boston Red Sox, they will wear their cream-colored Saturday alternate jerseys, with St. Louis across the chest. In Game 4, they will wear their Sunday navy cap, with a red brim and the logo of a bird on a bat. On Monday, in Game 5, they will wear their usual home combination: primary white jersey, primary red cap.
The Cardinals never wear a colored, softball-style jersey, and they never deviate from their schedule. The consistency of a classic look is part of who they are.

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Yellow uniform use – PMS 1235

Yellow print use – PMS 108

Navy Blue – PMS 289

Cream – 45% of PMS 7499

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