We have two newspaper accounts saying the Browns wore polka dots in 1884. The account from 1884 says they are small polka dots, so we have shown it based on the 1882 New York Metropolitans, see Craig Brown’s research below.

History Mysteries:
What did those polka dots actually look like? Similar in pattern to the 1882 Metropolitans?
At what point did the Browns start wearing, or stop wearing, polka dot shirts?
Did the Browns wear lettering on their polka dot shirts?

1884 Browns with possibly what polka dot shirt might have looked like.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: July 21, 1884
The Browns yesterday appeared in very handsome new white shirts with small polka dots. They are very becoming.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 21, 1885
A correspondent writes to me expressing his views on the St. Louis’ use of the brown in their uniform. It is undoubtedly as ugly a combination as could be got together, but with the polka dot shirts used last year was redeemed very materially. At the same time the uniform is not near so unsightly and uncouth looking as is that of the Chicagos, and its virtue rests in the same circumstance that it is the club color. The Chicago people will always insist upon “the Whites” being known by their original title and the St. Louis people could not be induced to speak otherwise but of the Browns. 

1884 Browns
1882 New York Metropolitans closeup shot, image from Craig Brown, https://www.threadsofourgame.com/1882-metropolitan-new-york/

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