1890 began an era of limited photography and accounts. The American Association was beginning to fail, and records of the next handful of seasons have proven very scarce. We have not identified any photos of Browns from 1890.

January of 1890, the National League creates a rule for the first time in history that states the home team wears white, and the road team can pick any other color to wear as long as it is easily distinguishable from the home team. Less than a month later, the Association follows suit and also says that home teams should wear white, but doesn’t mention road uniforms.

Of the newspaper accounts, we don’t have anything that says the Browns wore white home uniforms. Based on the new rules the leagues created, we have to assume that the Browns continued to have white home uniforms with brown stockings, and most likely brown letters that said St. Louis. What these letters looked like is a mystery.

The next newspaper accounts are explicit, stating the Browns will wear solid brown uniforms for their road kits. The newspaper accounts don’t state anything about lettering on the uniforms either. Whether or not the all brown uniforms said St. Louis is a mystery. If the letters were there, what color were they? Based on other dark uniforms from a few years earlier and later, we think there is a chance the letters were either white brown, or wine colored.

History Mysteries:
What did the Browns home uniform look like?
What did the St. Louis lettering look like?
Did the all brown uniform have lettering?
If the all brown uniform had lettering, what color was it?

St. Louis Post Dispatch: January 30, 1890 – The National League Meeting
The first subject taken up by the delegates was the question of uniform for the different teams. This was decided unanimously by the selection of white suits to be worn by the team at home at all times. Visiting teams will have their own options in selecting their dress, provided it is of such a color as to be easily distinguished from the home team.

Sporting Life: February 19, 1890
It was decided that each team in the [American] Association should wear a white uniform (shirt and pants) upon the home grounds. The color of the cap, belt, and stockings was left to the pleasure of the individual managers.

St. Louis Globe Democrat: April 24, 1890 Research from Ed Morton and Craig Brown
President Von der Ahe and Capt. McCarthy yesterday selected from a lot of samples a solid rich dark-brown piece of cloth and decided to have uniforms made of it for the St. Louis Browns. The caps will be of the same goods, and the belt will also be dark brown in color. […] Capt. McCarthy will today take the measures of all the men and they will be forwarded to Chicago to Spalding Bros. who will make the uniforms.

Sporting Life: May 3, 1890
The St. Louis traveling uniform will be solid brown. Spalding is making the suits.

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