1891 is just as scarce as 1890. We have no identified photographs from this season, and just a few newspaper accounts to go on.
The newspaper accounts do not explicitly say the Browns wore white home uniforms, but do mention the Association had a rule that teams at home must wear white. Once again, we have to assume that the Browns continued to have white home uniforms with brown stockings, and most likely brown letters that said St. Louis. What these letters looked like is total a mystery.

Regarding the road uniforms, the first newspaper account in February says that Association teams will wear black while on the road. The next newspaper account from February says that Association teams will wear colored uniforms while on the road. These two accounts are contradictory. We do not know if the Browns ever wore an all black uniform.

The newspaper account from Baltimore says the Browns wore dark blue with brown socks, and maroon colored belts and maroon stripes on the cap. This account leads us to believe that if the road blue uniform did say St. Louis, it might have been maroon or brown letters.

Similar to 1890, because we do not have an identified photographs, we do not know if the road uniforms had St. Louis lettering on them, and if they did, we do not know what that text looked like.

History Mysteries:
What did the Browns home uniform look like?
What did the St. Louis lettering look like?
Did the Browns wear an all black uniform?
Did the Browns wear St. Louis lettering on road uniforms?

The Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago): February 19, 1891
It was decided to have the players wear white uniforms while at home and black while abroad.

New York Clipper: February 28, 1891
It was decided that during the playing [of the 1891 American Association] season the home teams shall wear white uniforms, and the visiting teams colored uniforms in all championship games.

Baltimore Sun: May 11, 1891: St. Louis v. Baltimore at Baltimore, research from Craig Brown
May 11, 1891, St. Louis v. Baltimore at Baltimore: “The St. Louis men got a warm greeting when they appeared on the field, and some surprise was created by the color of their uniforms. The famous suits of white and brown, which have clothed them in four successful championship fights, have been discarded this year owning to the rules of the American Association, which forbid visiting clubs to wear white. The only remnants of the old St. Louis dress retained were the brown stockings, and the caps, shirts and knickerbockers were of dark blue. Maroon belts encircled the waists of the visiting players and maroon stripes were around their caps.

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