In 1892 we have no photography of the team. There is a white uniform mentioned in the newspapers, but similar to previous seasons, we do not know what that uniform looked like. We assume it said St. Louis on the shirt, but we do not know what those letters looked like.

The newspaper articles also describe a similar blue uniform to the previous season, but the difference being the white lettering on the shirt front.

Another article claims the Browns uniform is all brown, similar to the 1890 account. Just the same as 1890, we do not know if that uniform had lettering on it, and what that lettering might have looked like.

History Mysteries:
What did the Browns home uniform look like?
What did the St. Louis lettering look like?
What did the blue uniforms looks like?
What did the brown uniforms look like?

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 27, 1892
The Browns were to have opened the season yesterday with an exhibition game with the Home Comforts at Sportsman’s Park. Capt. Glasscock and his men were warmly recieved by the few people present. They made a fine appearance in their natty blue uniforms, and as each man stepped to the plate he was cheered and applauded.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: April 10, 1892
The Browns will wear their new uniforms in the opening game Tuesday next. They are of white flannel, with the proverbial brown trimmings.

Brooklyn Daily: May 27, 1892
There isn’t much to praise about the St. Louis uniform. The navy blue shirts, trousers, and caps, with brown stockings, give them a heavy, uncouth appearance, as if they had just emerged from a bath. The only thing that relives the monotony of color is the word ‘St. Louis’ worked in white across the breast.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: July 20, 1892
The Browns’ uniforms, with their white lettering, are very neat and attractive, says a Boston exchange.   

Pittsburgh Daily Post: August 3, 1892
The new St. Louis uniform is all brown. It couldn’t be worse if it were all yellow.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: September 14, 1892
Von der Ahe evidently has an eye for beauty. The Browns’ uniform is the ugliest in all the variety of colors a well-stocked store can show.

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