Continuing in the dark era, 1893 is void of photography. Similar to previous seasons, we can only assume the Browns wore a white home uniform with brown St. Louis lettering. We do not know what the home uniform looked like.

Other newspaper articles both describe of a blue uniform, leading us to believe it was very similar to previous seasons. The article also explicitly says “ST. LOUIS BROWNS,” leading us to believe the team wore two lines of lettering on the jersey.

The newspaper articles are slightly contradictory, unless they are referring to two different caps. One account says the Browns had a brown cap, while the other says they wore a striped cap. It is our assumption the striped cap was blue with brown stripes, although we have no certainty of this claim.

History Mysteries:
What did the Browns home uniform look like?
What the did the blue uniforms look like?
Did the blue uniforms have St. Louis lettering on the shirts?
What color caps did the team wear?

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 5, 1893
The St. Louis Browns will have the proverbial brown stockings again this year. Their uniforms will be among the handsomest in the country.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 12, 1893
The Browns’ new uniforms reached Sportsman’s Park yesterday. They were made by the E. C. Meacham Arms Co., and present a fine appearance. The pants and shirts are of blue, and the words, “St. Louis Browns” are across the shirts in white letters. The stockings, belts and caps are brown.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: June 9, 1893
The St. Louis Browns are a rakish looking set in their close fitting uniforms of navy blue, brown stockings, and striped caps.

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