After eluding us for a long time, we found a collection of photographs and a newspaper corroboration that revealed the Cardinals “weekday” uniform was a pinstriped jersey that featured a single bird on branch. However, new research from Jeff Scott at has revealed the newspaper was incorrect. The Cardinals wore this single bird jersey as their weekend/sunday uniform.

The tinier details of this bird still elude us, as the bird is cloaked in shadows in most photography, or can only be partially seen, or is distorted on floppy shirt fabric. Similar to 1922, we are always seeking more detailed shots of this bird. We have done our best to draw what we see, but we think we are still lacking details. See drawing and photos below.

History Mysteries
Is there a 1923 single bird jersey out there?
Is there any super detailed photographs of this 1923 jersey?

Harry McCurdy of the Cardinals.

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