In 1925 we have a newspaper article that makes two claims about the team’s colors. Apparently in 1925 the Cardinals road socks had green stripes. As far as we know, prior to April 6, 1925, the color green has never been mentioned in this team’s history.
For a long time we assumed socks in the 20s would have a blue stripe accompanying the red stripes, as the modern uniform does. But then we made a second guess on this and thought maybe all stripes on the socks would be red. We simply do not know, as we have no physical samples. The best we have is black and white photography. We do have photographic and newspaper account proof the Cardinals wore green sock stripes and green pinstripes in 1927, as well as other newspaper accounts claiming the team wore green pinstripes in the 1926 World Series.

History Mysteries:
Did the Cardinals wear green stripes on their socks?
The article only describes the road socks, do the home socks also have green?
Does the green stripe date as far back as 1924 as well?

St. Louis Post Dispatch: April 6, 1925
Uniforms which will be worn this season by members of the St. Louis Cardinals are on display at a downtown sporting goods house. As for the pat few seasons, the Cardinal uniforms are artistically decorated. The “at home” uniform is much the same as that last year, white with red trimming. The two Cardinals of the feathered variety are perched on a black baseball bat running diagonally across the chest of the shirt. The traveling uniform is of a gray striped material with the same decoration across the front of the shirt as the white uniforms. On the left sleeve is displayed a gold circle enclosing a baseball on which inscribed in purple letters “National League Golden Jubilee, 1876-1925.” Stockings worn with the traveling uniforms are gray with a broad red stripe around the calf and two narrow dark green stripes running parallel to it.

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