In 1926, similar to the previous season, we have a claim about green stripes. But this time, they are describing the 1926 World Series road uniform, and beyond having green stripes on the sock, we believe the article is saying the jersey’s pinstripes were also green.

We have two physical samples to go on. The first is the regular season road jersey, which is a pinstriped Birds on the Bat jersey, and we would consider the pinstripes as blue on that uniform. The second sample is from Robert Edward Auctions, which we believe could be Jim Bottomley’s 1926 World Series road jersey. Careful analysis of the photos shows stripes that might be green, might be blue, and could fall into a turquoise or teal category. The precedent we have from 1918/1919, the 1926 road uniform, and presumably 1922, 1924, and 1925, all have blue pin striping. However we do have photographic and newspaper account proof the Cardinals wore green sock stripes and green pinstripes in 1927.

See photography below.

History Mysteries:
What color are the Bottomley pinstripes?
Did the Cardinals wear green stripes on their socks?

St. Louis Globe Democrat: October 3, 1926
Gardner Starts Cards’ Uniforms to New York
An automobile parade through the St. Louis downtown district last Wednesday afternoon preceded the shipment by express from St. Louis to New York of the new uniforms of the Cardinals to be worn by them during the world series games. The uniforms, made by the Leacock Sporting Goods Company, which has made the previous uniforms of the club, were carried in a Cylinder Straight Eight cardinal colored touring car driven by Fred W. Gardner, vice president of the Gardner Motor Company Inc. The car was photographed in front of the Leacock company’s building at 921 Locust Street before the start. Fred Gardner is at the wheel, and beside him sits R. J. Leacock, president of the Leacock Sporting Goods Company. Two giant cardinal birds decorated the car, one at the windshield, the other on the radiator, and a big pennant mounted above the hood, bearing the inscription, On to New York to Beat the Yanks. The Gardners carried the uniforms to Union Station where they were delivered to the Adams Express Company, leaving at 4pm for New York. The express company provided a man to take charge of the uniforms and deliver them personally to Rogers Hornsby in time for the first world series game at the Polo Grounds. The uniforms are the same as the road uniforms made by Leacock for the St. Louis National League during the past year. They are steel gray with dark green stripes. Two cardinal birds and a baseball bat are embroidered in silk on the shirt. The cap has a cardinal visor. The stockings are gray with a center stripe of cardinal and two green stripes. The belts are cardinal in color. The shipment consisted of thirty-one complete road uniforms, including the 15 year-old size for the “Good Luck Sullivan”, the Cardinals bat boy. The at-home uniforms are of white with cardinal trimmings, cardinal belt. the monogram St. L on the left sleeve, and the white stockings with three narrow cardinal stripes.

original photo
color correct 1
color correct 2
1926 Grover Cleveland Alexander Game Worn Jersey

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