In 1946 we know the Cardinals ordered satin uniforms to wear for night game. But when the players saw the uniforms, they said they looked like lingerie, and didn’t want to wear them. The Cardinals Museum obtained a Cardinals satin jersey, however it is gray/silver, not red, and it is marked 1948. The newspaper goes on to say the Cardinals sold their red satin suits to a local teen baseball team, and never wore them in the big leagues.

History Mysteries:
Did any 1946 red satin jerseys survive?
Why were more satin jerseys made in 1948?
Why were the 1948 satin jerseys silver and not red?

Satin jersey with all the official logo embroidery and trim, manufactured by Rawlings in St. Louis. “Satins” were briefly used by a handful of MLB teams in the late 40’s to enhance fan viewing with the advent of night games. It was believed that the reflective quality of the satin would be beneficial to fan viewing the game. Apparently they were extremely shortlived and it is thought that the players disliked them. NBHOF has some examples of the Dodgers and Braves satins.

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