Oh what could have been. The following newspaper articles describes a letter from a fan to Von der Ahe suggesting that the Browns each wear two letters on their uniform, so when they stand together, they will all spell out Champions of America. Like Von der Ahe, we also find this idea intriguing, but also hilarious, and disastrous. Von der Ahe was certainly an eccentric owner, it wouldn’t surprise us if Von der Ahe had agreed to make these uniforms.

St. Louis Globe Democrat: March 15, 1886
A Person writing from London, Ont, to President Von der Ahe, and signing himself as “An Admirer of the Browns,” makes a very good suggestion. He says that in the words “Champions of America” there are precisely eighteen letters. As it requires nine men to play, he suggests that by placing two letters of the words “Champions of America” on the shirts of each of the players, you have the words spelled out. He further explains that when the nine go on the field before the audience, that the letters would show up in good style and the words could be easily made out. The idea is an original one, and Mr. Von der Ahe thinks very seriously of adopting it.

also kind of gives us painted chest vibes.

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