Rawlings has been a long time uniform producer for the Cardinals, and consecutively held the Cardinals uniform contract for over 60 years. This jersey has been identified as being produced by Spalding in 1944. The Birds on the Bat design is similar to the Rawlings design, but numerous differences in the details. The biggest surprise of this jersey is the blue threads used to stitch the bat and the outlines. This jersey is both intriguing and outrageous.

2 thoughts on “1944 Blue Bat Salesman Sample

  1. As this was proposed for 1944 it’s obvious they wanted to go with a patriotic theme: red, white and blue. Shame they didn’t; it would have looked great!


    1. interesting theory. If you have any documentation for that idea we’d love to see it. We aren’t exactly sure why this sample was created, but as with other years in the past, sometimes it seems like the manufacturer makes arbitrary decisions, or perhaps they were temporarily out of stock on navy blue thread. Could be any number of reasons why there is a lighter blue color on this jersey.


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