We believe the video below is probably from 1968-1970, most likely from 1969. The video shows “the future of sports styles.” Yeah, ok. The curious part is the designers making prototype drawings of new Cardinal uniforms. The prototype drawings they show of the new uniform are peculiar. Initially it just looks like a Cardinal uniform in a vest. But, closer inspection shows they almost seem like overalls. There’s no belt, and the torso and legs portion are connected. And the pants go all the way to the ankle, which wouldn’t happen until George Hendrick popularized it in the late 70s.

It is our assumption that these uniforms were the prototypes to the impending polyester pullover uniforms of 1971. We have done our best to mock up what we think the prototype in the movie looks like, but also we show a traditional looking Cardinals uniform with a vest. We do not know the full intentions of these prototypes.

1969 Uniforms of the Future

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