The 1901 season marked the first time the St. Louis team would wear an emblem on their caps. The uniforms this year changed to button down jerseys. We are also under the assumption the team wore road gray uniforms that matched home uniforms. Road gray uniforms were becoming standard, but were not mandated in the rulebook yet.

1901-1902 St. Louis Cardinals jersey lettering
1901-1902 St. Louis Cardinals cap emblem
1901 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1902 Art Nichols
1901 St. Louis Cardinals official mascot
1902 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
Doc Smoot
May 4, 1901 League Park (Robison Field) fire

Newspaper Accounts

Pittsburgh Press, May 31, 1901
The record for attendance at a baseball game was broken at New York yesterday afternoon when a crowd estimated at 28,5000 turned out to see the Giants and the St. Louis Red Caps play.

Team Colors

Cardinals red – PMS 200

Gray – PMS 429

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