1922 is the first year the Cardinals wore the famous Birds on the Bat. An identical uniform, but in gray, was worn on the road.
The Cardinals also wore an alternate jersey this season featuring a stovepipe cap with pinstripes, red piping, and a red STL emblem. Photos are fuzzy of this STL emblem, we have done our best to recreate it. On the left sleeve of this jersey was a single bird perched on a twig. Photos are fuzzy of this bird, we have done our best to recreate it. The general shape of this bird is very similar to the birds seen on the primary Birds on the Bat jerseys.

We also have identified photos from 1922 of the team wearing similar or identical jerseys to the 1920 season.
Newspaper reports claim the Cardinals wore 4 uniforms in this season. We think the fourth jersey was similar to the 1920 jersey, we do not know if it was white or gray.

The Birds on the Bat design originated from hand-painted cardboard birds created by Allie May Schmidt. She was asked to create table decorations for a Men’s Fellowship Club event at the Ferguson Presbyterian Church on February 16, 1921. Allie May was inspired when she saw cardinal birds perched on a lilac bush. Branch Rickey was in attendance at the event, and was impressed with Allie May’s painted cardboard birds. Rickey commissioned Allie May’s father, Edward H. Schmidt, who was head of the art department at the Woodward and Tiernan Printing Company, to create a new design for the team’s uniforms. The uniforms debuted in an exhibition game against the American League St. Louis Browns on April 8, 1922.

1922 St. Louis Cardinals Birds on the Bat
1922 St. Louis Cardinals alternate jersey lettering
1922 St. Louis Cardinals alternate jersey single Bird
1922 St. Louis Cardinals alternate uniform STL cap emblem with background

1922 St. Louis Cardinals alternate uniform STL cap emblem without background
1922 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1922 Austin McHenry
April 7, 1922 St. Louis Post Dispatch
March 28, 1922 St. Louis Post Dispatch
1922 Jack Smith
1922 Rogers Hornsby
1922 Jake May
1922 Jeff Pfeffer
1922 Specs Toporcer
1922 Max Flack
1922 Action Shot with alternate uniform
1922 Howard Freigau
1922 Bill Doak
1922 Bill Sherdel
1922 Jesse Haines
Original Cardinal cardboard birds painted by Allie May Schmidt
Letter from Allie May Schmidt about 1922 Birds
I was in charge of the decorating of the tables for the club meetings. This date coming after Lincoln’s birthday and Valentines day- and we had another party planned for Washington’s birthday; so I felt we should have something different – but I wondered what it could be. So a few days before the meeting as I sat wondering what I could use that would be appropriate, just outside of my window a beautiful cardinal perched upon a lilac bush. The ground was white with snow. That February day I thought – “how lovely that would be to have Cardinals on the white table cloths.” (Cardinals to me always meant birds. I did not know at the time that cardinal meant the color of the Ballplayers socks – as Browns meant Brown socks and White Socks etc.) So I immediately made red bird cutouts of red cardboard and painted in the details – placed them on brown strings for twigs. Usually two on a twig to represent Cardinals (plural). We also had a large center piece of Cardinal red carnations.

Newspaper Accounts

St. Louis Post Dispatch: March 28, 1922
Innovations are brought out on the 1922 uniforms of the Cardinals. As one local fan out it “they are the loudest ever.” Across the breast is a black bat, on which are perched two cardinals, members of the bird family, facing each other. Under this the word Cardinals. Stockings will be solid Cardinal, with belts to match. The uniforms are sure to draw attention all around the circuit. They are on exhibition at a local sporting goods store. 

St. Louis Post Dispatch: April 7, 1922
Fans who gather at Sportsman’s Park for the spring series game tomorrow will receive an eye-shock when the new Cardinals uniforms dawn on them. Across the shirt front they will see an emblem that strongly resembles a sample of Aztec picture writing. The Cardinals’ new crest consists of a black war club, oblique, surmounted by two cardinal birds, rampant. It will be by far the gaudiest bit of baseball heraldry that ever dazzled a fan’s eyes. The emblem will be worn on both home and abroad uniforms.

Evansville Courier and Press: May 25, 1922
Cardinals Change Uniforms Sundays
“All dressed up” on Sundays and holidays. This is the appearance of the St. Louis Cardinals on these days as a special uniform varying considerably from the week-day suit, is worn by the players on Sundays. On Sundays the stockings resemble a peppermint stick or a barber’s pole as there are red and white stripes while on weekdays the stockings are full cardinal. The two cardinal birds which rest on the breast of the week day shirts are missing from the Sunday togs and the caps are block-shaped.

New York Tribube: June 20, 1922, research by Todd Radom
The Cardinals are the Beau Brummels of the league. They have four hand-embroidered uniforms apiece. The extra spangles are for Saturdays, Sundays and moveable feast days. Their home uniforms have “candy-stick” stockings, which are the only serious contenders with the Giant hosiery for the prismatic championship of the big time circuit.

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Vintage Yellow – PMS 1225

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