In 1930 the Cardinals had two different uniform manufacturers, and three different uniform designs.

The home uniforms were produced by Spalding. They featured a new version of the Birds on the Bat, with sleeker and more detailed birds perched on a bat that had more radical angle than previous seasons. Photographs of these Spalding uniforms show extremely inconsistent placement of the Birds on the Bat. We notice some birds way up on the chest nearly touching where the piping curves around the collar bone, and we notice some other birds placed way down the chest almost under the rib cage.

The road uniforms were produced by Rawlings. This design was a gray uniform that highly resembles the 1928 and 1923 versions of the Birds on the Bat. A new modern style sock pattern was worn on the road. We have no physical, photographic, or newspaper evidence that these socks featured a blue stripe. The blue stripe was chosen based on other uniforms, also produced by Rawlings, that would be worn in the next few seasons.

The Cardinals reached the 1930 World Series, and as they did in the ’26 and ’28 Series, wore new uniforms. The uniforms were produced by Rawlings that featured a similar design to the road uniform, but with the Birds on the Bat sitting on top of the words St. Louis. This is the first uniform that featured Birds on the Bat with the words St. Louis.

1930 Birds on the Bat Spalding version
1930 Birds on the Bat Rawlings version
1930 World Series Birds on the Bat
1930s print graphic
1930 Birds on the Bat detail
1930 St. Louis Cardinals home jersey
1930 World Series jersey
1930 Frankie Frisch
1930 Burleigh Grimes
1930 Andy High
1930 Gabby Street
1930 Gus Mancuso
1930 Jesse Haines
1930 Jim Bottomley
1930 Gus Mancuso
1930 Gabby Street and Sam Breadon, Road and Home uniforms
1930 Gabby Street with Connie Mack
1930 Bottomley, Frisch, ____, _____, High
1930 Sparky Adams
1930 Street, Bottomley, Laux, Hafey, inconsistent bird placement
1930 Buzzy Wares, Gabby Street, Frankie Frisch, Ray Blades
1930 St. Louis Cardinals Team photo
1930 Gabby Street World Series
1930 Jim Bottomley World Series
1930 World Series Scorecard

Newspaper Accounts

The Morning News: September 25, 1930
The Cardinals new suits arrived too late for last week’s game but they are suits are red, white hats, white lethere now, and the whole team will come out in great style Saturday. The tering on the shirts with a bird on same, numbers on the back, and red stockings with three white bands.
The article above is copied exactly as it was in the newspaper. Step 1 for writing in the newspaper, learn to write.

The News Tribube: October 1, 1930
New Cardinal Uniforms 
The Cardinals in natty new uniforms of traveling gray with red-peaked caps red Insignia red and white socks and rad belts warmed up on the A’s sideline while waiting for their turn to take the field.

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Vintage Yellow – PMS 1225

Navy Blue – PMS 289

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