In 1931 the Cardinals maintained the same uniform design from the ’30 World Series. The socks for home and road was the same as the 1930 road uniforms.

The Cardinals returned to the World Series in 1931, and wore the same uniform design from the ’31 regular season, but with new socks. The socks were white with a thick red stripe near the top. Physical samples of this jersey show a green four leaf clover was stitched into the shirt tails of the World Series jerseys.

1931 Birds on the Bat
1931 Jacket graphic

1931 St. Louis Cardinals graphic from team portrait poster
1931 St. Louis Cardinals jersey
1931 St. Louis Cardinals road jersey
1931 Pepper Martin cap
1931 Cardinals Warmup jacket
1931 World Series Press Pin

1931 Post Dispatch Champions Birds
1931 Syl Johnson World Series Jersey
1931 Chick Hafey road uniform
1931 Post Dispatch Cardinals Pennant Winners
1931 St. Louis Cardinals team portrait poster
1931 Frankie Frisch
1931-32 Mike Gonzalez
1931 Tony Kaufman
1931 World Series Cardinals
1931 Gabby Street at the World Series with Babe Ruth, Connie Mack, John McGraw
1931 Pepper Martin World Series
1931 World Series Game 3 ticket
1931 World Series Game 5 ticket
1931 World Series Souvenir
1931 World Series Program
1931 World Series Program
1931-32 Old Judge Coffee Calendar featuring the 1931 World Champion Cardinals

Newspaper Accounts

St. Louis Globe Democrat: March 22, 1931
During the training season the players wear the uniforms of the past year, the regulars, as a rule, being clothes in one set, the rookies in the other so as to distinguish them. The home uniforms, by the way, that is those worn in a teams home city, usually are of white flannel whereas the “road” uniforms, save in rare instances, are of grayish flannel, the Cardinals using a reddish gray. 

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Vintage Yellow – PMS 1225

Navy Blue – PMS 289

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