The 1936 kits gained more details and more piping in almost all aspects of the uniform. The Birds on the Bat received a blue outline around the birds and the Cardinals lettering. The hat, placket, sleeve, and pants piping was now three stripes. At home it was two thin red stripes with a blue stripe in the middle, and on the road it was two red stripes with a white stripe in the middle. The numbers on the back of the uniform also received a thick navy blue outline.

1936-1937 Birds on the Bat
1936 Dizzy Dean jersey
1936 Home Jersey detail
1937 Dizzy Dean cap
1936 Dizzy Dean road jersey
1936 Leo Durocher jersey
1937 Joe Medwick jacket and Triple Crown

1936 Frankie Frisch and Dizzy Dean
1936 Dizzy Dean
1936 Bill Walker
1936 Dizzy Dean with Lefty Grove
1936 Leo Durocher and Frankie Frisch
1936-1937 Pepper Martin, Dean Brothers,
1937 Leo Durocher
1936-1937 Frenchy Bordagaray
1937 Dizzy Dean
1937 Johnny Mize
1936 team postcard
1936 Frankenstein Frisch…. jacket…. thing… Evidently this jacket thing was created from a 1936 Frankie Frisch Jersey. A real jersey was used and then more pieces of fabric were added to make it into some sort of jacket.
1937 March of the Cardinals songbook cover

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Vintage Yellow – PMS 1225

Navy Blue – PMS 288

Royal Blue piping – PMS 2728

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