In 1934 the only change made to the uniform appears to be different socks with a minor alteration to the striping. In ’33 the stripes were blue red blue, in this season based on photographic record, they appear to be red blue red.

The 1934 Cardinals also gained league recognition as the Gas House Gang, with the media criticizing their unkept appearance. One newspaper in New York said of the Gas House Gang, “They don’t look like a major league ball club or as major league ball clubs are supposed to look in this era of the well-dressed athletes. Their uniforms are stained and dirty and patched and ill-fitting. They don’t shave before a game and most of them chew tobacco. They spit out the sides of their mouths and then wipe the backs of their hands across their shirt fronts. They are not afraid of anybody.” – New York Sun, 1934.

These types of newspaper accounts lead us to believe the team didn’t change uniforms in 1935.

1934-1935 Birds on the Bat
1934 Jacket emblem
1931 Jacket emblem

We noticed this jacket emblem in 1934 being almost identical to the previous jackets worn, but with the bird having a few more lines and details stitching into the the wing pattern.

1934-35 Jacket graphic

This 34-35 jacket bird seems odd to us, because of the wavy wing pattern. We believe this might have been created for a Hollywood movie.

1934 Dizzy Dean cap
1934 Leo Durocher home jersey
1934 Team Photo
1934 Daffy and Dizzy Dean
1934 Dizzy and Daffy Dean
1934 Chick Fullis
1934 Daffy and Dizzy Dean
1934 Dizzy and Daffy Dean with Babe Ruth
1934 Earnie Orsatti
1934 Sliding player
1934 Joe Medwick at the World Series being removed by Judge Landis
1934 World Series, sliding player, not the sock stripe pattern
1934 Dizzy and Daffy Dean World Series
1934 Frankie Frisch, Dizzy Dean, Daffy Dean
1934-35 Ripper Collins
1934-35 Al Eckhert
1935 Dizzy Dean

1934 Single Bird on Bat
1934 World Series Press Pin
1934 World Series program

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Vintage Yellow – PMS 1225

Navy Blue – PMS 288

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