The 1940 uniforms featured brand new two-tone hats, the first time wearing blue caps since 1919. There were two different caps, one with an interlocking STL emblem, the other with a block STL featuring an exclamation (!) T. Both cap emblems were applied as a felt patch. We don’t exactly know how each cap was used. Black and white photography in this season proved very tricky for us. Many photos make it seem like the caps were actually red with a blue emblem.

The jersey featured similar piping from the previous season, but would have the thick red piping also running from the shoulders down the side of the arm to the ends of the sleeve.

1940 Birds on the Bat
1940 STL cap emblem
1940 STL cap emblem
1940s era Print Graphic
1940 Billy Southworth cap
1940 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1940 Billy Southworth
1940 Clyde Shoun
1940 Billy Southworth with Gabby Hartnet
1940 Gene Lillard
1940 Howard Krist
1940 Jimmy Brown
1940 Walker Cooper
1940 Johnny Grodzicki
1940 Johnny Mize
1940 Marty Marion
1940 Mike Gonzalez
1940 Mort Cooper
1940 Pepper Martin presenting at Bill Delancy’s Day
1940 Terry Moore

Newspaper Accounts

St. Louis Post Dispatch: April 13, 1940
The Cardinals surprised the fans with new caps–dark blue, with red visors and buttons.

St. Louis Globe Democrat: April 14, 1940
The Cardinals 1940 uniforms are a combination of their old clothes, as well as the  Reds and Cubs’. The Cards have most of their old trimmings, but their caps of blue with red peaks are just about “carbon copies” of the Cincinnati caps of other years. The Cardinal uniforms also have braid along the shoulders, down the sleeves and trousers similar to those of the Cubs and Browns. Yesterday the Cards had on their gray traveling uniforms. The Browns wore their white home uniform.

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Vintage Yellow – PMS 1225

Navy Blue – PMS 288

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