In 1943 the Cardinals kept the same uniforms, but their sleeve patch was now a shield that featured stars and stripes. This patch was worn recognizing America’s involvement in World War II.

While not shown in the uniform models below, a newspaper account describes the Cardinals wearing red undershirts in the 1943 World Series instead of the typical white undershirts.

The 1944 uniforms remained the same from 1943. When they clinched the Pennant in 1944, they switched their jerseys to button down shirts. The uniform didn’t change any elements other than swapping the zipper for buttons. We believe the team received their new uniforms about a week or two before the end of the season when they clinched the Pennant. We also base this claim on a photo of Musial at the end of the season, where he is seen with a button down shirt.

In 1945, the Cardinals continued to wear their button down jerseys.

1943-1945 Birds on the Bat
1943-1945 STL cap emblem
1943-1945 sleeve patch
1943 Stan Musial uniform

1945 Del Rice jersey
1945 Red Schoendienst jersey
1943-45 Ken O’Dea
1944 Stan Musial and Marty Marion

1944 Stan Musial, photo taken September 26th.
1944 World Series
Are the Cardinals wearing gray caps? Are they wearing reverse colored hats?

1944 Billy Southworth World Series
1944 Billy Southworth

1944 World Series
1945 John Beazley, Manager Eddie Dyer, Enos Slaughter, Terry Moore, and Ernie White.
1945 Marty Marion
1945 George Dockins
1945 Glenn Gardner
1945 Slaughter, Moore, Musial
1945 Jacket
1943 Pennant
1943 World Series Press Pin
1943 World Series Program
1944 National League Champions pennant
1944 World Series press Pin
1944 World Series Game 1 ticket
1944 World Series program

Newspaper Accounts

The Journal Times: September 30, 1943
The St. Louis Cardinals will make their debut at the opening game of the World Series with their best red-trimmed uniforms, including new red undershirts. The streamlined shirts are the latest acquisition of trainer Harrison (Doc) Weaver, who has had sleeves of all the shirts dyed holly-berry red to match the Redbirds uniforms. Weaver, the morale man behind the world champions and always an advocate of long underwear, explained the sweatshirts are made of two layers of cloth, cotton insides and wool outside. 

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Vintage Yellow – PMS 1225

Navy Blue – PMS 288

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