In 1963 the Cardinals made a modification to their STL cap emblem. See below the two STL emblems in comparison. The uniforms were otherwise unchanged.

1963 Birds on the Bat
1962 STL cap emblem
1963 STL cap emblem
1963 Cap
1962 Musial jersey
1963 road jersey
1963 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1963 Harry Fanok


Cover from Post Dispatch Sept. 29, 1963
1963 Stan Musial with Dizzy Dean
1963 Bill White shakes hands with Stan Musial
1963 Batting Circle graphic
1963 Bill White
1963 Stan Musial retirement
1963 Musial retirement
1963 Stan Musial final game
1963 Busch Stadium
1963 Busch Stadium

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Yellow – PMS 1235

Navy Blue – PMS 288

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