In 1964 the Cardinals continued with the same STL cap design from ’63, but changed the colors. The solid blue cap with a red STL was still worn as the road cap, but the home cap was red with a blue STL.

In the World Series, or in the days leading up to the World Series, the Cardinals changed their red home caps to have a white STL. The blue road cap did not change in the World Series.

1964 Birds on the Bat
1964 STL cap emblems
circa 1964 – 1990s Sluggerbird Jacket graphic
1964 Cardinals primary print logo
1964 Cardinals World Champions logo
1964-1990s Sluggerbird patch
1964 Jacket, worn by Jerry Buchek
1964 Dal Maxvill jersey
1964 World Series press pin
1964 World Champions artwork being prepared
1964 Cardinals primary logo
1964 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1964 Bob Uecker
1964 Bob Uecker Helmet
Curt Flood during Opening Ceremonies. May 8, 1964
1964 Bill White
1964 Dave Bakenhaster
1964 Dave Bakenhaster
1964 Lou Brock
1964 Opening Day (night)
1964 Opening Day players
1964 Ron Taylor
1964 Cardinals Scorecard
1964 Stan Musial
1964 World Series at Busch Stadium
1964 World Series Game 7 ticket
1964 St Louis Cardinals Yearbook

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Cardinals Bright Red – PMS 186

Yellow – PMS 1235

Navy Blue – PMS 288

Specifying Cardinals red is a difficult, and at best, an estimate of what color yarns and fabrics were used throughout the 20th century. For the sake of continuity and brand, we have chosen to represent 1900-1963 with the current Cardinals Red, PMS 200.
We do know that from 1964 to 1996 the Cardinals uniforms featured a brighter red than what is used today, and was officially switched to PMS 200 in 1998. So for the purposes of this catalog, we will designate PMS 186 as the red used between 1964 and 1997.

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