The Cardinals continued with the same style uniforms, but the shirts changed to a V-neck instead of a crew neck.

In 1975 we observed the team began wearing red shoes instead of the traditional black shoes. This started in September of 1974 when Cardinals player Reggie Smith suggested wearing red shoes instead of black.

In 1975 the Cardinals wore helmets that featured a sticker decal of an action batting bird on the side. This logo only lasted for one season.

1974-1975 Birds on the Bat
1974-1975 Cap Emblem
1975 batting helmet
1974 Bob Gibson jersey
1974 Al Hrabosky jersey
1975 Bob Gibson jersey
1975 Bob Gibson jersey
1975 Bob Gibson jersey detail
1975 Ted Simmons jersey
1975 Ted Simmons jersey
1975 Rawlings makers tag
1975 Cardinals helmet batting bird
1975 team photo
1975 Lou Brock
1974 Lou Brock
1974 Bob Gibson
1974 Orlando Pena
1975 Bob Gibson

1975 Bob Gibson
1974 Reggie Smith

Newspaper Accounts

Southern Illinoisan: September 8, 1974
Red Shoes Reggie’s Idea
Area baseball fans who may attend Cardinal games today, Monday or Tuesday night in St. Louis will be quick to note that the Cards now wear red shoes. “It was Reggie Smith’s idea,” said Cardinal assistant publicity director Marty Hendin. “Reggie says some people are always worrying about baseball being a dull, drab game and that, therefore, as much as possible should be done to dress it up,” Hendin said. “He thought that the red shoes would look good with our grey traveling and white home uniforms which are both trimmed in red,” Hendin said. “Before we left on our 12 game Western trip, Reggie called for a club vote on the shoes, it passed and they were ordered, arriving while we were playing in Los Angeles.”At first I didn’t know whether I would like them but now I think they look great. Particularly with our home uniforms,” Hendin said. Perhaps Smith, who Tuesday night became the first Cardinal to hit 20 home rums since Joe Torre in 1971, got his idea from watching Bob Gibson “model” the red togs in the Cardinal dugout when he’s not pitching.

Team Colors

Cardinals Bright Red – PMS 186

Yellow uniform use – PMS 1235

Yellow print use – PMS 108

Navy Blue – PMS 288 / 289

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