The Cardinals switched back to gray uniforms on the road in 1985, but maintained the same uniform design and elements with one tiny exception. We observed that in 1985 the Birds on the Bat wing pattern slightly changed. See below.

In 1987 Rawlings began adding their makers tag to the sleeve of the jersey.

In 1987 the Cardinals wore a sleeve patch in the World Series that was different from the official ’87 Series print graphic.

In 1989 team owner August A Busch Jr passed away on September 29th. The Cardinals wore a black band on their left sleeve starting on September 29th for the final home series. In 1990, they wore AAB JR patches on the left sleeve.

1984 Birds on the Bat
1985 Birds on the Bat
1985-1991 Birds on the Bat
1985-1991 STL cap emblem
1985 World Series logo
1985 World Series Press Pin
1985 Joaquin Andujar road jersey
1987 Vince Coleman jersey
1987 Willie McGee World Series jersey
1987 Jose Oquendo World Series jersey
1987 Lee Tunnell World Series jersey
1987 John Tudor jersey
1990 Ken Dayley road jersey
1990 Tom Brunansky home jersey
1987 Bob Forsch
1990 Bird detail

Team Colors

Cardinals Bright Red – PMS 186

Yellow uniform use – PMS 1235

Yellow print use – PMS 108

Navy Blue – PMS 289

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