In 2002 the Cardinals continued with the same Rawlings uniforms from the 2001 season. The Cardinals began wearing two memorial patches in June to commemorate the lives of Darryl Kile and Jack Buck.

2002 Birds on the Bat jersey
Home cap emblem
Road cap emblem
Sunday home cap emblem
2002 Jack Buck memorial patch
2002 Darryl Kile memorial patch
2002 Darryl Kile jersey
2002 Albert Pujols home jersey
2002 Rawlings tag
2002 Darryl Kile patch
2002 Jack Buck patch
2002 Tino Martinez, Edgar Renteria, Fernando Vina
2002 Darryl Kile
2002 Darryl Kile

Newspaper Accounts

St. Louis Post Dispatch: June 20, 2002
The Cardinals acted quickly Wednesday morning to ensure that Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck will be with them for the rest of this season. Cardinals equipment manager Buddy Bates transported the team’s home and road jerseys to a Chesterfield lettering facility where a patch bearing John Francis Buck’s initials were sewn onto every right sleeve. The Cardinals planned the tribute for weeks, since the’ 77-year-old Buck’s condition deteriorated. The team preferred it to the traditional black armband. In addition to putting “JFB” in a patch on the sleeve, the Cardinals put the letters on the dirt behind second base and in the grass just over the wall in center field. Bates, in his 20th and final season as equipment manager, worked with Marsha Mayer of Liebe Lettering to carry out the special order. He transported the jerseys at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday and they were hanging in each locker by early afternoon. “I think Jack Buck deserved better than a black armband,” Bates said before Wednesday night’s game against the Anaheim Angels. “We looked at a number of things. They drew it up in a number of different fashions black with white script; black with a block, which we ended up doing; J.B.; J.F.B.; BUCK – and we jointly decided to go with JFB.” For the last month, Bates carried the patches on the road while notifying opposing teams before every series that the Cardinals wanted to provide immediate recognition upon the passing of its legendary voice. Each team agreed to provide the service, if needed. The Cardinals had similarly recognized the loss of former owner August Busch Jr. and third baseman Ken Boyer. “I have always thought of the Cardinals as a first-class organization and I think this is an appropriate way to recognize someone who was a first-class person,” Bates said.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: June 24, 2002
The Cardinals conducted a memorial service in Kile’s name Sunday morning, reported to Wrigley Field and wore hats adorned with Kile’s initials on one side and his number, 57, on the other. The team’s gray jerseys also bore his number on their left sleeve opposite the initials of former broadcaster Jack Buck. 

The Daily Journal: June 26, 2022
Team personnel wore small black, circular patches with Kile’s initials and number, “DK5” on their left sleeve. They were already wearing a patch to commemorate the death of longtime broadcaster Jack Buck, who died four days before Kile, on their right sleeve. larger versions of the patches were placed on the right-field wall and behind home plate.

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Yellow uniform use – PMS 1235

Yellow print use – PMS 108

Navy Blue – PMS 289

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