In 1952, the Cardinals kept the same jerseys, but dropped the National League sleeve patch. The team also switched back to a two-tone cap.

The team’s jackets in 1952 featured Sluggerbird. This would be the first time that Sluggerbird made an appearance on an official team garment.

In 1953 August Busch of the Anheuser Busch Brewery bought the Cardinals when Fred Saigh was convicted of tax evasion. Gussie and Anheuser Busch would own the team for over 40 years.

1952-1953 STL cap emblem
1952 Sluggerbird Jacket logo
1952-1955 cap
1952 Stan Musial home jersey
1952 Stan Musial road jersey detail
1952 Sluggerbird jacket
1952 Sluggerbird jacket detail
1952 Jacket Sluggerbird
1952 Team photo
1952 Stan Musial and Red Schoendeinst
1952 Cardinals bench
1952 Harvey Haddix
1952 Stan Musial
1952-1955 Stan Musial

Team Colors

1952 St. Louis Cardinals souvenir program
1952 Globe Democrat photo
Note the drawing of the Birds on the Bat on the top left. The birds shown do not match any official team logos.

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Yellow – PMS 1235

Navy Blue – PMS 288

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