In 1954, Tom Alston became the first black player to play for the St. Louis Cardinals. We saw almost no uniform change in 1954 other than the belt loops. In the previous season, it appears the team wore pants that had wide-long belt loops at the hips and sides of the pants, and in 1954 it seems there were many skinny belt loops that worked around the pants.

1954-1955 Birds on the Bat
1954-55 STL cap emblem
1952-1955 Solly Hemus cap
1954-1955 home jersey
1955 Ken Boyer jersey
1955 Musial jersey
1954 St. Louis Cardinals team color photo
1954 St. Louis Cardinals team b&w photo
1955 St. Louis Cardinals team photo
1954 Joe Frazier, note the belt loops
1954 St. Louis Cardinals scorecard
1954 Budweiser Baseball Guide
1955 St. Louis Cardinals yearbook

Newspaper Accounts

The Columbus Ledger: Mar 4, 1955
What happens to uniforms at the close of a baseball season in an organization like the St. Louis Cardinals? 
All the farm clubs ship their flannels to St. Louis where they are cleaned and repaired. Those beyond repair are discarded and replaced by either new ones or by old ones from some other club in the system which happens to the drawing new uniforms… Not a small item, home and road uniforms for some 16 ball clubs! Each club requires two sets of uniforms and they run from $80 to $85 per man with an average of 19 men to a club! Each club also requires something like $20 in catching equipment and bats for a season, puts the cash outlay into five figures. In other words  you’d need something in the neighborhood of $28,000 just to outfit the St Louis organization clubs before a single ticket was sold!

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Yellow – PMS 1235

Navy Blue – PMS 288

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