In 2019 the Cardinals unveiled a new Victory Blue uniform to be worn that appealed to 80s nostalgia. The uniform was identical to the Saturday home uniforms, St. Louis under the Birds on the Bat along with red piping, but on the classic 80s Victory Blue fabric. The new uniform was worn on Saturday road games.

Midway through 2019, the Cardinals soft debuted a modified STL emblem. The new emblem added more symmetry and consistency to the letter serifs. Initially in 2019 the new STL was used only as a print graphic, but would replace the cap emblem in the following season, and become the only STL used both on garments and in print. See comparison below.

The Cardinals wore MLB 150 patches on their sleeves the entire season commemorating MLB’s 150th season. The patch was also worn on the caps for the opening series, March 28th-31st.

When the Cardinals reached the postseason, they wore different patches on the sleeve and the cap.

On April 15th the Cardinals wore Jackie Robinson patches and socks for Jackie Robinson Day.
On May 12th the Cardinals wore Mother’s Day themed uniforms.
On May 17th, 18th, and 19th the Cardinals wore Memorial Day themed uniforms.
On June 16th the Cardinals wore Father’s Day themed uniforms.
On July 4th the Cardinals wore Independence Day themed uniforms.
On August 23rd, 24th, and 25th the Cardinals wore some sort of atrocities for Player’s Weekend.
On September 7th the Cardinals wore a yellow Children’s Cancer ribbon patch.
On September 11th the Cardinals wore a memorial cap patch.
On September 15th the Cardinals wore jerseys that read Cardenales for Spanish Heritage night.

home and road
road alternate
home sunday
MLB 150 patch
NL Central Division Champions logo
2019 Postseason logo
2019 Postseason cap patch
2019 Postseason sleeve patch
2019 Harrison Bader debuts Saturday Road blue uniform
2019 Adam Wainwright playoffs
2019 Adam Wainwright
2019 Cardinals Central Divison Champions
2019 Marcell Ozuna playoffs
2019 Dejong Molina Carpenter Flaherty
2019 Molina Edman Hudson Marp

Newspaper Accounts

St. Louis Post Dispatch: November 20, 2018

Cardinals call back to ’80s but with a modern twist 
For more than a year, a jersey colored by the past draped in Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III’s office as he tried to wrap his mind around a style that had been abandoned in the 1980s, and he was perfectly comfortable leaving there. A classicist with the Cardinals’ brand, DeWitt returned chain stitching to the jerseys, put red caps back on the road, and resisted baseball’s trend for multiple mix-and-match uniforms. When he saw the tight, “victory” color jerseys last worn regularly in the Reagan era, he always thought “it should stay in that era.” Yet, there a relic hung, for months, in his office. Lobbying from players, former and current, forced him to take another look. When he found a way to merge that past with the team’s present style, he was, like the jerseys now can be sold. “Fresh and current, but always the birds on the bat,” he said. With something old, something new, something borrowed and something definitely blue, the Cardinals unveiled a new alternate uniform Monday for the first time in six years and will have a Saturday road uniform for the first time in club history. The new jersey takes the blue made famous by Lou Brock, Willie McGee, Ozzie Smith and the early ’80s and applies it to the team’s current Saturday home jersey with the script “St. Louis” and red piping. The jersey will be worn with blue pants and red caps for the Cardinals’ 13 road games on a Saturday. Smith presented center fielder Harrison Bader with the new jersey during a public presentation at Ballpark Village on Monday morning, and the jerseys were available for sale immediately afterward. “It does have the reflection back to our past,” said president of baseball operations John Mozeliak at the planned reveal. “But it also has a touch of the future, too.” Said Bader: “Looking forward to changing it up a little bit. We are not overdoing it. We are not wearing it too often.” The last change to the jersey came in 2012 when the Cardinals adopted Saturday home jerseys that were cream colored and featured two birds on a bat balanced on “St. Louis” instead of the traditional “Cardinals.” A few years later, former outfielder Kerry Robinson, now a pro scout with the Cardinals, approached DeWitt about bringing back the blues. Robinson grew up in St. Louis and recalled McGee roaming center in blue and Smith flipping in blue and the Cardinals winning the 1982 World Series while wearing blue. He wondered why the color had been relegated to rare throwback days. He mentioned to DeWitt that on the road scouting for the team he saw more and more blue jerseys—be they baby, powder, or “victory”—and would always ask the fans if they wanted that color locked in a time capsule or worn again. Play the blues, they told him. “Nothing happens unless you throw it out there,” Robinson ex- plained. DeWitt originally responded that it was “not a good idea.” He eventually had a mockup of a blue Saturday jerseys made. He let the deadline pass to make a change to the uniforms for 2018, but started showing the blue jersey around — in the offices, in the clubhouse. His lukewarm feel for the color was countered by the enthusiasm that greeted the jersey, especially from players. He emailed Robinson with an image of the jersey and admitted Robinson’s idea was better than good, it was happening. “It took me a while,” DeWitt said. The Cardinals’ “victory” blue jerseys debuted in 1976, and they were worn regularly through 1984. To make the new blue color, the Cardinals pulled some of their archived jerseys out and compared the changes in blue from year to year and found a midpoint, one that DeWitt stressed would play well off the bright red piping he’s made a signature of the modern look. The uniform will have belts (unlike the sans-a-belt pants worn in the 1980s), and the jerseys will be the loose-fitting, sweat-wicking modern material players are accustomed to today. When Nike takes over jersey manufacturing for the 2020 season, the Saturday home and road jerseys will continue. DeWitt said this is not “a yearlong event and then gone.” He does not plan for the blue jerseys to appear at home. His hope is that players will outfit the uniform with as much red as possible. Red caps will be worn regardless of the opposing team’s cap color on the road, and DeWitt mused that players should wear red T-shirts, high red socks and red cleats. He specifically mentioned asking outfielder Marcell Ozuna to trade the neon yellow compression sleeve for a red one, at least on road Saturdays. “I need to mention that to him,” DeWitt said. Before expanding to other shops and shelves, the new jerseys will be on sale exclusively through Nov. 26 at the Cardinals official team store at Busch Stadium and its sister location at Ballpark Village. The timing of the announcement coincides with holiday shop- ping and “makes for a nice stocking stuffer,” DeWitt conceded. He said the retail bump “is a nice byproduct” but not “the churn we’re chasing.” Revenue from jersey sales are largely shared with the other 29 teams. To purchase the jerseys, the Cardinals pay a fee to a pool that is split 30 ways. The Cardinals do get the retail markup for jerseys sold at their team stores. Robinson recalled the favorite Cardinals of his youth in blue, from Darrell Porter to McGee. The blue jerseys are forever captured in Cardinals history because Lou Brock broke Ty Cobb’s National League career steals record while wearing blue. In 1982, McGee hit two home runs and robbed one at the wall against Milwaukee in the World Series while wearing blue. The blue will be back against the Brewers to open the season when the uniform makes its onfield debut March 30. Smith said McGee’s game is what he remembers about the color. Well, that and the Cardinals’ style. Not of their uniforms, but of their play. “It makes you look faster,” Smith said to Bader. “Doesn’t he look faster?  DeWitt wants to see red with new blue uniforms. The jerseys will be worn at Saturday away games and were offered for sale at the event. 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: August 6, 2019
First published as part of the Cardinals Notebook on August 6, 2019
On some of the new signage near the team’s clubhouse and at times on social media this season, there has been a smoother look to the Cardinals traditional interlocking “STL” logo. Consider it a hint. The Cardinals have quietly integrated a balanced, less irregular and sharp “STL” logo in some of the team’s branding.
It has appeared as part of Tweets and on Fox Sports Midwest. The subtly different logo also appeared recently in advertising for August 21’s Star Trek Night, and it will be featured on the side of the cap given out to purchasers of the Star Tea theme ticket.
One of the subtler changes to the logo is the trapezoid that makes the top of the “T” in the current logo has been replaced with a balanced rectangle. The upturn at the top of the “S”, which has been there for decades, is now mirrored with a downturn to the “S”. The new look has not appeared on the team’s official uniforms this season.

Team Colors

Cardinals Red – PMS 200

Yellow uniform use – PMS 1235

Yellow print use – PMS 108

Navy Blue – PMS 289

Cream – 45% of PMS 7499

Victory Blue – PMS 284

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